Empower Your Business with Smart Financial Forecasting and Capacity Planning

The only 4
way forecaster

Leave 3 way forecasting behind with insights you can action.

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Fully integrated capacity planning

We seamlessly integrate the capacity plan to take 3 way forecasting to the next level.

By keeping your capacity v demand in balance, you will optimize capacity and maximise profitability.

Perfect for Australian service businesses including Accounting, Architecture/Design, Consulting, Engineering, Health/Beauty, IT, Legal, Marketing, Mechanics & Trade Services.

Give yourself a capacity health check

The only 4 way forecasting
Smart Forecasting


Powerful, intelligent forecasting

Build forecasts with substance by importing employees from Xero or Excel to build the labour cost projection.

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Capacity Planning


Understand your Capacity v Demand

Build a capacity plan in minutes and compare to projected income to assess the capacity v's demand.

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Rolling Cashflow


Always up to date cashflow forecasts

Import actual results from Xero or Excel and re-forecast cashflow.

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Interactive Reporting


The numbers you want to see

Customise insightful dashboards, powered by Zoho Analytics.

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Multi layer reporting

Effortlessly report by group, entity, division or team.

Benefits of 4 way forecasting

Step up to 4-way forecasting and take the guesswork out of your decisions.

Understanding the financial impact of decisions before they are made will help you maximise performance.

Financial forecasting with integrated capacity planning gives you complete financial visibility.

A future focused business will have greater clarity, confidence and certainty.

Give yourself a capacity health check

Benefits of 4 way forecasting

Loved by Businesses using Xero

Although Magnifi can be used by any business, it's perfect for Australian service businesses using Xero with 10-100 employees.

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