Clarity, confidence and certainty

Remove the guesswork and make better decisions based on real data.


Magnifi is typically used by Australian service businesses using Xero with 10-100 employees. Our largest user is currently a listed entity.

Generally businesses have an internal accountant/bookkeeper who maintains the file with Advisor support.

Yes, all data can be imported via excel. Our largest business using this option is in the construction industry with 9 entities and approx. 150 employees.

Forecasting provides data for awareness and analysis.

An understanding of projected profitability and cashflow provides clarity and will help your decision making.

An understanding of your capacity v demand will maximise performance. Visit Capacity Optimiser to see how small changes an make a big difference.

Using the Quick Setup Wizard, you can setup a high level forecast and undertake what-if analysis within minutes.

You can then step through the other wizards to build meaningful forecasts with substance and start monitoring your performance.

Businesses using Magnifi in-house will need someone with financial expertise (eg internal accountant/bookkeeper).

We can assist with the implementation to get you quickly up to speed and ensure you get the most out of the software.

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