Smart Forecasting

Import Employees to forecast labour costs

Magnifi is game-changing financial forecasting software.

We import employee data to project labour costs including pay rates, hourly rates and start/end dates to keep the projections relevant.

Integrated Management Reporting

Our management reporting system is an integrated solution involving Xero (historical reporting), Magnifi (financial forecasting) and Zoho (analytics/dashboards). With minimal setup for Magnifi & Zoho, once established, you will have a tailored solution that your client will love!

Income Drivers

Project income at a KPI/Driver level for meaningful income projections – eg # units x average $/unit.

Labour Drivers

Use Labour Drivers as a workforce planning tool and update proposed changes to pay rates, working hours, new employees etc which feed the labour cost projections.

Rolling Forecast

Copy across function to automatically copy values into the future and change start month at any time to view projections.


Import actual results to re-forecast the projections. We also store your original projections and you can compare your actual results to the original projections or the revised forecasts.

Multi Level reporting

Import multiple Xero files into the one Magnifi file, making consolidations and divisional reporting a breeze.

Actual v Budget Analysis

Very flexible reporting allowing a range of comparisons including actual v budget and prior year data.

Strategic Analysis

What-if Analysis & Break-Even Analysis on a divisional or consolidated basis.

Our Solutions

Work with clients to make better decisions with rolling forecasts, capacity planning and tailored dashboard reporting.

Smart Forecasting
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Rolling Cashflow
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Capacity Planning
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Interactive Dashboard
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