Rolling Cashflow

Re-forecast cashflow based on actual results

We are true “3 way” rolling forecast model. You can easily change the reporting period and include/exclude actual results to quickly see the results.

Forecasting Features

Balance Sheet Projection

  • Add sub-accounts against your Balance Sheet accounts to provide more meaningful projections. Eg, add "Loan Repayments" under "Bank Loan".
  • GST, PAYGW and Superannuation payable is automatically projected based on the Payment Terms you set (eg monthly v quarterly)
  • Balance Sheet will re-forecast after you import the actual results.

Cashflow Forecast

  • View cashflow at either an individual or consolidated bank account level.
  • Nicely presented showing projected Cashflow from Operating Activities and Cashflow from Non-Operating activities with detailed breakdowns (if you “drop down” the account)
  • Cashflow will re-forecast after you import the actual results. All accounts re-forecasted including debtors, creditors, GST, PAYGW and superannuation.

Our Solutions

Work with clients to make better decisions with smart real-time financial forecasting.

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Rolling Cashflow
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