Partnering with your existing services

Partnering with your existing services Magnifi is provided to Accountants and Bookkeepers to help them provide better financial advice to their clients.
We train the Accountants/Consultants and Bookkeepers and once trained/certified, they will then setup their clients files and provide the training/support if the client wants to use the software in-house.

If you are a business owner, talk to your Accountant or Bookkeeper about Magnifi. If they are not already using it, we are happy to give them a demo.
If your accountant or bookkeeper is not interested, we can refer you to one of our Partners who can assist you with the implementation. Our Partner will respect your confidentiality and relationship with your existing Accountant. We have examples where our Partners and Accountants have worked alongside each other with the Partner providing the management accounting support and the Accountant providing the Tax/Compliance support.