Interactive Dashboard

Tailored for your Client.

We integrate with Zoho Analytics for our dashboard reporting. Zoho Analytics rivals Microsoft Power BI and after trialling both, we found Zoho more user-friendly.

Zoho Analytics also integrates directly with Xero, however connecting via Magnifi provides automatically re structured data to provide easy chart creation.

Interactive Dashboard Features

We will provide some templates and some training and then you are free to setup dashboards that are specific to your clients needs.

Summary v Detailed

Compare actual v budget v last year for any account or category – 
eg. overall income, income category or specific income account.

Re-forecast Cashflow

Chart the projected cashflow based on actual results to date and forecasts for the remainder of the year

Excel uploads

Although we integrate directly with Zoho, there is the option to import via excel if you have other KPI’s you want to trend.

User-defined formatting

Have complete control over chart types, colours fonts etc.


Users can click/unclick legend items, drill down or filter the results (via drop down) to display the information that they want.

Our Solutions

Work with clients to make better decisions with smart real-time financial forecasting.

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Interactive Dashboard
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