Capacity Planning
Build a capacity plan in minutes and compare to projected income to assess the capacity v's demand.
Interactive Capacity Planning

We calculate the projected available hours, you assign the productivity rate, sell rate and recovery % and we build the capacity plan.

Allocate employees to divisions

If you have employees allocated to multiple divisions (e.g teams), simply allocate the employee % to the relevant division and forecast capacity by division.

Capacity Drivers

Plan your projected capacity by factoring expected changes to productivity %, sell rates and leave to build the monthly capacity plan. Or go one step further and import the scheduled leave from Xero.

Capacity v Demand

Compare projected capacity with projected income on a high level annual basis or detailed monthly level to help keep the business in balance and maximise efficiency.

Unit Costing tool for Price Setting

We calculate what it costs per hour to run the organisation and compare it to your sell rates. Great tool when setting your sell rates.

Core Features

Smart Forecasting
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Rolling Cashflow
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Capacity Planning
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Interactive Dashboard
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